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Direct Mail Marketing

A Good Direct Mail Campaign involves crafting personalized messages to your targeted consumer base enhancing their curiosity about your business and driving them towards beginning the customer journey. Incorporating Direct Mail into your larger marketing strategy is a proven method for improving leads and generating sales.

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Direct Mail FAQs

Does Direct Mail Really Still Work?

The short answer to this question is Yes. Marketing studies performed over the past few years have shown that response rates to direct mail campaigns are increasing and are expected to continue that trend as individual consumers become more and more overwhelmed with digital marketing strategies.

How Large Of A Response Rate Can I Expect?

The Data and Marketing Association studies have shown an average 9% response rate for direct mail campaigns. Response rates can vary dramatically depending on the industry your company is in, the demographics to which you are mailing, or the type of call to action used in your campaign. Mail marketing campaigns with the highest response rates all of 2 things in common: creativity and consistentcy. At Jilco, we can help you define your mail piece in creative ways and your target demographics to allow for consistent mailings all with the goal of ensuring the best possible response rate.

Will I See A Return On Investment Of These Marketing Dollars?

Direct Mail has a Median ROI of 29% according to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA). At Jilco, we will work with you throughout your campaign and develop tools with you for adequately tracking not just your response rates, but help you build a database of responders for further targeting and focus on conversion, which is where the real return on your marketing investment begins.

Should Direct Mail Replace My Digital Marketing Strategies?

Absolutely not! The best marketing strategies draw on a variety of tools and resources. At Jilco, we are focused on ensuring that your direct mail campaign opens up avenues for further customer engagement. We will assist you in ensuring that interaction with the Mail, begins a customer journey towards conversion through the use of QR codes and specific calls to action. 

Will My Direct Mail Campaign Be Trackable?

Direct Mail response can be difficult to track, but it is not impossible. If your call to action to the consumer is “Call Us Today!”, we can assist you in setting up campaign specific phone numbers that patch directly into your primary phone system while allowing us to track exactly who called and when. We can also work directly with your digital marketing team to generate landing pages accessible only from QR Codes on your mailers allowing us to track leads that begin with the mail campaign and end on your website. For those in the hospitality industry like restaurants and bars, requiring that the card be returned in order to redeem an offer allows us not only to track the response rate and ROI, but the exact demographics of those that responded!

How Do I Get Started?

Give us a call at (859)-525-2277 or use the Contact form below. We will walk you through the entire process professionally and painlessly ensuring that your marketing campaign is top notch! 

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